The new PT Trains 20ft HC BOX, the 20ft Open Top, and the 40ft HC containers are still expected for June 2020.

NEW : Sets with Pins, fitting on Märklin cars.

PT210000 : Set with 24 pins for Märklin cars.

Suggested retail price : 4,99 euro

PT210001 : Set with 24 pins + basis for Märklin cars.

Suggested retail price : 4,99 euro

With these pins the magnificent PT Trains containers can now also be loaded and fixed on Märklin cars.

These pins fit also on Roco, Brawa, ACME, Igra Model and Rocky-Rail containers.

Available from next week on. 

Hereby are a few photos from the pins fixed on cars.

PT Trains Europallets :  a splendid accessory fort the PT Trains containers !

1 set contains 10  pieces

PT210100 :  Suggested retail price : 4,99 euro

Limited edition :

RR40135 : Metal Rocky-Rail car type Sgmmns 40 loaded with a 40ft  PT Trains container Blue Sky 

Suggested retail price : 66,85 euro

New 45ft containers :

The new PT Trains 45ft containers are foreseen for December 2020.

Here is a photo from a few samples.