Sggnss 80 igra model :

Available from 14 September on : the container car type Sggnss 80 (HO) from Igra Model

The first Sggnss 80 car that we distribute is a red Metrans car, loaded with one Hamburg Süd and one Hapag Lloyd container.

Limited edition : only 280 pieces. So, please order in time !

Suggested retail price : 79,85 euro. Order number : IG96010002.

What is a Sggnss 80 ?

The real Sggnss 80 is a 25,94 m long container car produced by the Slovakian railway car factory “Tatravagonka”.

Already several european railway companies do have this car in service, like Metrans,, RailCargo Austria, AAE Cargo, Express Rail and Express Wagons.

It is the longest european model of a container car on one single chassis.

We will produce also the grey, brown and fire-red versions of the Sggnss 80 car, we will inform you later about the other planned productions (always only 280 pieces)